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My art, It's mostly horses, but maybe you see something else?^^

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22 July have the last few years been related to loss and pain for me an many others.. but this year it will different, very different...

I'll be visiting :iconimke14: ! we have talked about this so long and now I finally bought the plane tickets! :la:
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for an hour or so? I am sick (very nice when you have work later) and I can't lay down in other words i can't sleep.

I am bored since everyone else is sleeping.

and i just realized I MIIGHT not have the number for where I am working atm(it's worm through school) so if I can't get to work and can't find the right number, I am screwed.
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anyone want to play the game with me? if I find out how we can play together xD
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CW | Seidmann| Loner| Ranger by windchilde
CW | Seidmann| Loner| Ranger

Edit: fixed the backstory a tiny bit, but it do need  more fixing, will see if I can get some ideas later, but please, come and tell if you have some ideas.

Crossing my fingers here :XD:  this is for Chevalin-Wanderlust
If I don't get in I'll probably just stal the faves I already have found.

Gender: Stallion
Age: 18
Breed: Fjord horse
Starting Location:The East Island 
Height: 14 HH
Orientation: Straight
Herd affiliation: Loner
Rank: Ranger
Mate: None

Parents: Embla & Hugin
Siblings: unknown


Curious | protective| Loyal | Quiet|Easily annoyed 
| Distrust| Paranoid|

After his parents aparenlty didn't look for him and years later getting kicked out by Volva, he doesn't trust anyone easily.

He's loyal to those who earne his trust.

Easily annoyed:
Since he look like he have a 'baby face', some make think he doesn't snap easily. If you decide  to annoy him or does it with out knowing, you get a kick or a bite.

Him being quiet is because he is used to just listen, so if it seems like he doesn't listen, he does.

His wish to protect is strong, but if you have somehow made him your enemy he will care less about what happens to you.

He loves to explore, if he get's the chance to go on a walk he will be gone for hours.

Even if this isn't strong, his paranoia is caused by him being betrayed by those he loved.


Short introduction of his parents:

His mother (Embla) was a mare living alone, but his father(Hugin) belonged to the Bachelor herd. Hugin left the herd and walked the lonely road with his mate, not looking for joing any herd. They were both fjord horses.

Birth/ Foalhood: 

Seidmann's parents did love him, but because none of them had any experience with foals, they didn't do so well with him. since they traveled all the time and never stayed in one place for long, he didn't get much time to rest. When his mother was again expecting, he sometimes  followed his father around when he looked for any danger. as a foal he loved to explore new places and his parents let him walk off, his father had used to play with the colt but since his mate was expecting again he was more focused on her then looking after their son. His mother either slept or ate when they rested, barely having energy to look after him.

Embla and Hugin never named their son, because his mother followed a tradition where they name their offspring as they become yearlings. He was never named by them because months before they were going to, he wandered off and got lost. A sudden fog came in and he lost his way and when it started to rain, his scent and tracks dissapeared making it impossible to track him down.

Days later he found his way back, but his parents were gone.
No matter what he did, calling out or looking for them, he couldn't find them. When the night came, he stayed, hoping that they would come back for him.
They never did so the next day, he left the safety of a known place and walked into the unknown, however he didn't have to be alone for long.

The same night he started to travel, he met an old Fjord Mare, Named Volva. The mare had been suprised to see a foal all alone and when she was told his story she decided to help him to look for them, but after a while they stopped looking for them and the mare took the colt in as her own, Even giving him his name.


Seidmann was happy about being with the old mare, she was a little odd looking for herbs and helping other lone horses if they needed and wanted it, she even tried to teach him about the herbs but it always went in one ear and out the other. Because of his curious nature he often wandered off on small adventures, but he quickly learned that Volva didn't like that. Everytime he had left he returned to getting a bite, so after a while he stopped doing it in respect and a little bit of fear for the mare. 

young adulthood:

As he grew up he became more protective, he would be on guard where ever they went and if they met a threat that he could take on, he would. But he followed orders from Volva and avoided fighting other stallions and big animals, besides very few would try to get a hold of an elderly mare. 
Because of Volva, he became a quiet stallion, he's also very loyal since he never left her side unless she told him to.

 when he was 16 ,he woke up one morning finding himself all alone, he quickly got up and started to search for the elderly mare. After a few hours he did find her, but was met with a cold shoulder. Everytime he got near close to her she kicked and bit after him, screaming that he had to leave her alone. No matter what he tried she kicked after him and suddenly she attacked him, that was when he finally left. But before he did so he gave the mare a solid bite on her neck, in anger, frustration and confusion.
He ran, not looking back.



CW | Seidmann| Tier Tracker by windchilde

Character and design belongs to me.
So, got some help from a nice person saying Seidmann was a little Gary-sue, good someone could see what I was worried about xD
So now I hope someone can give me some ideas.
I already have written up "easily annoyed" and i am now working on his back story again.
So help is wanted!
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22 July have the last few years been related to loss and pain for me an many others.. but this year it will different, very different...

I'll be visiting :iconimke14: ! we have talked about this so long and now I finally bought the plane tickets! :la:
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Maria Amalie
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Commission headshot price: 5 dollars.
Open/closed: Closed
Comission info:…

because I am too lazy to copypast it all
Payment: paypal.
(not made yet)

I do requests, but not when comissions are open.
I do collabs, but only with friends.
Art trades are open only for friends and I only do them when I bother.

Facebook: Maria Amalie Thorkildsen.
I want to know who you are when you want to add me, I do NOT want any random strange or perv to add me.

Skype: windchildeda

Msn: Note me.
again, no pervs or people I don't know.
that is for skype to, I do not want to end up with guys who want to show off their baby dicks.

Phone number:
Like you are getting THAT one? :XD:


will come

Things to do:

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I REALLY have to get started on these...a half year or more..geez! D: that's too long!

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Sms He who brings the night x Ns Mara

:spotlight-left:Things I am working on:

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